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HELLO! Welcome to my one-stop fitness online shop!

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My name is Christina Yang, a doctor of chiropractic who absolutely LOVES fitness and wellness. 

My favorite workout is lifting; squatting for those booties and deadlifts for those slim legs!

I am a chiropractor, a certified Pilates teacher and an acupuncturist. I love my job because wellness and fitness are my passion, while I get to help others with a good heart. 

You might have sensed it by now. I am all about the fitness and holistic health! I share my everyday fitness tips and healthy ways, to take care of your body on instagrammy blog and also youtube on its way! 

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I take fitness and wellness seriously. I workout routinely:

One day I was shopping online, and realized that I could not find right leggings available in my size. So, I went onto another website but there wasn't the color I wanted. 

I am all about the fashion even when I am exercising. I want to still look cute and represent my true color from the outfit! Sometimes I wear the leggings to brunch to hang out with friends after my yoga in the morning. Sometimes I wear them to the grocery shopping, and I secretly even wear them to work (They still look professional. I will give you tips on finding those here!) They are so comfy and fashionable, so I take them everywhere. After all, leggings for life!!!! Right? 

After my frustration, I decided to put my passion for fitness leggings and items into a real business- Wearmeal

You may ask why the name, wearmeal. I thought of so many names that could represent me, my passion and/or the collection of items I made. I wanted my brand to represent the whole crowd, not just the women, but also men.

Even though it sounds funny, I thought of a quote that stuck in my head: 

"If you have a meal a day, why not workout a day". 

So, now I take my workout like a meal. That way I push myself more. 

That's the reason why I wanted to remind myself, at least of why I started this brand. It's a brand dedicated to provide the fitness wear and items in trend. The wear that one would find just like it's their favorite meal. 

I welcome every one of you to my website.

Take a look, any questions, suggestions or comments would be appreciated!  

It all started because I wanted more people like me to find trendy, awesome and cute/cool/hot fitness wear and items! :) 

 Are you ready to shop???? > wearmeal 

Best in health and fitness,

Dr. Christina Yang, DC 


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